Police forcefully removed hijab from arrested Women

Jan 8, 2013

20 women including Mrs. Sanwara Jahan, the wife of Abdul Quader Mollah, Senior Leader of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami detained indefinitely by the Ruling regime since 2010,  were forced by the police to take off their hijab before they were brought before the court. Among the arrested some are elder women, some are ill, and some are students who are missing important exam dates. All of these women have been denied bail today. The lawyers representing the arrested women expressed outraged saying that this is completely unprecedented. There are no charges against these women and yet not only they weren’t granted bail but a further date for hearing was given.

All of these 20 women were forced by the police to take off their hijab before they were taken to the court. The police kept them without hijab in open public place until they were taken back to jail after several hours. The court delayed the hearing even before the police asked for more time and denied bail without providing any legal justification. Previously the court granted 2 days police custody known as ‘Remand’ and the women were kept at the Ramna Police station for 2 days for questioning. There they were subjected to mental and physical torture.

Advocate Abdur Razzak said that the police could not bring any charges after questioning the women for two days and yet the court denied them bail. This is absolutely unprecedented. The fact that the police failed to bring any kind of charge against these women proves that they are innocent. He also said that it is illegal under Bangladeshi laws to detain anyone for more than 24 hours if there is no charge against the detained person. But these women are in jail for 5 days now.

One of these arrested women Habiba Nasrin is pregnant. She had been denied bail after arrest but was granted bail after a second application.

These women are being harassed & tortured for supporting Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami which is the largest Islamic political party having representation in the Parliament. The Ruling regime is systematically trying to eliminate any dissidents & their families. These women were arrested from an indoor meeting at a residential apartment without any specific allegation of any illegality on the part of these women.

They now face indefinite detention with out any charge.

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