Attempts to save Porimol

Jul 11, 2011

Attempts to salvage rapist teacher Porimol

While former and current students of Dhaka’s Viqarunnisa School and College along with their guardians formed a human chain in front of the institution at Baily Road area in Dhaka, Bangladesh, demanding exemplary punishment to sacked teacher Porimol Joydhor for raping and sexually exploiting a female student, the interrogators are instead of interrogating this culprit is simply busy in giving him protection as according possible hospitalities as Porimol Joydhor was a member of the student front of the ruling party. It may be mentioned here that, Porimol Joydhor raped a number of students of Viqarunnisa School and College since he was appointed on special consideration in 2010. There are similar allegation against a number of male teachers of the same institution, while there is also allegation against the Principal of Viqarunnisa School and College for abating the criminals, but not paying any heed to numerous complaints of sexual violence by some teachers of the institution.

Influential quarters of the government and the ruling party are actively lobbying in favor of rapist Porimol Joydhor and the law enforcing agencies are reported suggested not to interrogate the arrested culprit. There is also attempt by the ruling party is defusing media exposure of Porimol Joyshor as well as a number of newly appointed teachers of Viqarunnisa School and College, who also got appointed due to political backing.

A student of standard X was raped by Porimol Joydhor on a number of occasions and the culprit even video graphed the girl in nudity, thus threatening her of remain mum on such incident. Porimol threatened her of putting the videos on the web, if she ever disclosed the rape incidents to her guardians or school authorities. But later being absolutely angry at the repeated sexual violence of Porimol Joydhor, the student lodged written complaint to the school authorities. According to this complaint, Porimol, a Bangla teacher, sexually assaulted her for the first time on May 28 and again on June 17 when she went to the coaching centre at his house in Badda area.

Meanwhile, guardians of students at different schools and colleges in the capital urged the government to take immediate measures against sexual harassment of female students at the educational institutions.

But despite such complaints of the victims as well as demonstration of the students and guardians, government is reluctant in taking any real action against Porimol as well as other accused teachers of Viqarunnisa School and College. On the late hours of July 9, 2011, a number of influential members of the student front of the ruling party met Porimol Joydhor at Detective Branch with bunch of fruits and fast food. Porimol spent hours chatting with these people at the office room of an officer of the Detective Branch.

On condition of anonymity, an officer of the Detective Branch told Weekly Blitz, “there is instruction from higher authorities to handle Porimol Joydhor with due respect. Due to this instruction, we are not being able to interrogate this man, though there is very specific allegation of his crime.”

The source further said that, Porimol will not be brought into fresh remand, even if he will not confess anything during the 5-day remand.

Reprint from Weekly Blitz


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