Video portrays Israeli children are trained to kil...

Sep 26, 2012

الوطن | أطفال إسرائيليون يتدربون على قتل العرب بتل أبيب Watch this video on...

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Brotherhood claims victory in Egypt president vote

Jun 18, 2012

CAIRO:The Muslim Brotherhood declared early Monday that its candidate, Mohammed Morsi, won Egypt’s presidential election, even...

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Canadian linked to ‘Mumbai attackers’

Jun 10, 2011

A US jury has convicted a Chicago businessman of supporting an Islamic militant group blamed for the Mumbai attack in 2008. But...

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Kahn to quit, Who is next IMF boss?

May 18, 2011

NEW YORK , May 18 (BDINN) – Confined to a prison cell, his reputation in tatters and facing serious criminal charges, Dominique...

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U.S. troops should now quit Iraq, Afghan

May 2, 2011

CAIRO (Reuters) – Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood said on Monday that U.S. soldiers should be withdrawn from Afghanistan and Iraq...

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NATO strike: kills Gadhafi’s son

May 1, 2011

TRIPOLI, Libya May 1 (AP/UNB)– Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi escaped a NATO missile strike in Tripoli on Saturday, but his youngest...

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