What’s happening in Shahbagh ?

Feb 8, 2013

Shah Abdul Hannan

Orchested hate is being created in Shahbag crossing, Dhaka among young generation who do not know anything about 71 events except propaganda .This hate is being created against Jamaate Islami, Shibir( the Islamic student organization) and other Islamist parties. This will further divide Bangladeshi people. Of course the seculars have no concern for future of Bangladesh.

Moreover10/20 thousand young people in Shahbagh hardly represent the people.The Islamic party of Bangladesh can hold much bigger meetings in all major cities of Bangladesh

They are raising issues like banning of Islamic parties, ban Islamic institutions ,not to make account in Islami Banks and throw away Jamaat Shibir from Bangladesh.These are agenda of left and secular parties and groups. The part of civil society leaders who joined there are responsible for incitement and create civil war situation in the country.

If Islamists demand dissolution of ICT from the government (not from tribunal) because the ICT Act is faulty or not of international standard, then they are accused of not wanting trial. This is not true because the Islamists want a new neutral tribunal of neutral judges as Jamaate Islami secretary general has clarified.

On the other hand, some secular parties and leaders want hanging for all under trial. This is not considered as trying to intimidate the tribunal judges. As it appears, there is no hope of fair trial because of present intimidation.There should be neutral tribunal with international judges who will not submit before intimidation.It is better if the trial venue is shifted to Hague , the HQ of World court.

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